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Wendy Sergeant

Choir leader, arranger, singer 

Wendy has been teaching singing since the 1990s and started her first choir, Portishead Sound in 2005.  She loves the sensation of singing in unaccompanied harmony; finding the centre of a note and blending it in a chord with other singers is uniquely satisfying.  Teaching groups of people and giving them the tools to sing confidently and then to sing in harmony brings a whole other level of fabulousness!  She passionately believes that everyone can sing.

Wendy Sergeant

Wendy's style of teaching is uplifting and inspiring.  She teaches songs by ear and the harmonies build like magic.  Whether you are a confident singer or have only ever sung in the privacy of your own bathroom she will help you use your voice effectively and you'll find yourself singing four part harmony without really trying.  Wendy has recently completed studies at the Royal College of Music Denmark (RAMA) on the Professional Masters course in Innovative Choir Leading.  She is also a member of the Natural Voice Network

Proceeds from each choir concert always go to charity - the total amount the choirs have raised since 2005 is over £40,000

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