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Zoom Choir - love it or loath it!

Since March 2020 I've been running singing sessions on Zoom.

This is a picture of us pretending to play the flute in California Dreaming.

It's been an interesting time - I've learned a lot about Zoom and how to teach songs without actually being in a room with my singers. Not being able to hear them! I've acquired a LOT of sound equipment - mixing desk, microphones, a looper, millions of different leads ..

I thought at first it wasn't going to work because we all had a hard time learning how to do it .. and lots of people really didn't enjoy singing on their own in front of a computer screen (not surprising really).

But as the Covid situation dragged on, people persevered and began to enjoy the sessions more .. and I got better at choosing suitable songs and arranging them in an accessible way for this medium.

Things are looking up - we're nearly all vaccinated - and I'm looking forward to being able to have groups singing together again. It will be wonderful to hear the sound of voices mingling in the air again after so long.

I will miss some things about Zoom though .. it's nice not to have to leave home to do choir! And (dare I say it) I will miss the MUTE button!

Thank you to all my singers who've stuck with me through the epidemic - it's been lovely to see your friendly faces in your little boxes on screen. You've kept me going and I really appreciate your loyalty and support.

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1 Comment

Joanna Pritchard
Joanna Pritchard
Sep 05, 2021

I have LOVED being able to sing along with other parts and of course with Wendy and not worry about making a fool of myself.If I got it wrong ,it didn't matter.I will miss that singing live ANNA P

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