Platinum Jubilee 2022
Come and join the singing at the lighting of Portishead beacon

Thursday 2nd June
Rehearsal:        8.00-8.50pm Somerset Hall
Performance:  9.30 pm at Battery Point 

We will be singing an easy unaccompanied arrangement of 
"A life lived with Grace"  plus a fun up-beat gospel song
"Up above my head" - recordings below

How to join:
Learn the songs from the recordings below (the score for "A life lived with Grace" plus word sheets and downloadable recordings are available on Box here)

Dress Code - Any combination of red, white and blue!!

After the rehearsal we will make our way to Battery Point (on foot if possible, or car share - the parking may be limited).  We will assemble behind the Open Air Pool between 9.15 and 9.30 and sing just before the beacon is lit at 9.45pm.
Please approach the back of the Open Air Pool via the routes marked in yellow - the stewards will allow us through a barrier to the area marked in orange where we will sing.

Bring a torch!!!

Jubilee choir info.png

See you there!!